Finally Off My Ass

I've finally finished sulking and began creating visual content for you all to enjoy.
I know I've fallen short on a lot of deadline promises in the past, but that ends here. No more grace periods. No more "I don't have anything to do today. From here on out we MOVE and we move FORWARD.

We finished filming the first interview episode of KLKTV and you can expect to catch that on September 30th. Huge thank you to Midnite Massacre for being the first victims of our new experiment.

For this series (and hopefully beyond) I've brought in a new member to the family. A host for all occasions. Catch The Konduktor's debut on that episode.
We haven't figured out costuming yet, but the personality makes it worth the delayed visual gratification.

In case you missed it on our Facebook and IG profiles (tisk tisk), we've finally found a drummer and we can't wait to introduce him to you all. We're rehearsing for our first show (10/17 @ Koyote Ugly, in Salisbury, NC) since this madness began, back in March.
I understand some people still feel that it is too soon. And that is okay. Please know that this event will not be freestanding and wild. There will be tables, six feet apart. Masks are required on the premises and the staff intends to do their best to keep people from wandering from table to table.
These locals shows are this industries toe dip in the water. It is up to us to handle ourselves responsibly. To set an example and show that we are able to continue to move forward. Hooray for repeating phrases. haha

Oh yeah, and the first of three collaborative EP's will be released on 10/31.
This one is titled Re-Processed and will feature 5 tracks created by myself and Benjamin Hall, of Exopulse.
As I've said in the past, every release will have a different flavor and this is testament to that. This one features a lot more of a dance/industrial type sound.
It is a concept EP. Something that I will elaborate on at a later date.

I suppose that wraps it up, for now.
Thanks for sticking it out this long.

Much love to you all